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Symposium Registration Form


Note: the 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium will be online due to concerns about the spread of coronavirus.  Students who registered to present at the Symposium prior to this shift to the online format will have their information automatically transferred over to share their work in the online format; you do not need to register again. 

The deadline for students to register to present and to apply to give an ACE Talk has been extended to April 1, 2020.


If you are presenting your research as part of a group, the group should fill out one registration form together listing each student's information.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a staff member at the Center for Undergraduate Research at 785-864-5733 or

Student Information

Please fill out this form in its entirety.  We request information about the groups you participate in so that we may contact them with a list of participating students.  We only use the information about your hometown and zipcode for inclusion in a KU News press release.

Note: You do not have to belong to one of these programs in order to present your research. Your responses will only be used to help us communicate your participation to your programs.

Mentor Information

All research presented through the Online KU Undergraduate Research Symposium must be mentored by a faculty or staff member.  Please talk to your mentor about your plans to share your work before filling out this form.  Note that presentations will be posted on a website that is available for viewing by the general public, so check with your research mentor to make sure that what you are presenting is okay to post online.  Hitting the submit button below will trigger an auto-generated email to your research mentor to let them know you've applied to present.

Project Information

The information you submit in this section will be directly copied and pasted onto the online Symposium website.  Additionally, this information may be used for a KU News Press Release.  Please consult your faculty mentor to be sure your project title and abstract are appropriate, as they cannot be changed. You can consult the KU Writing Center webpage for tips on writing abstracts.

All presentation types will involve uploading PDFs of student presentations that will then be posted on the Online Symposium website. We will not be posting videos of any presentations except the three students giving ACE Talks. For detailed descriptions of the presentation types, see
Students who elect not to be judged will not be eligible to win an Outstanding Presentation Award. Judges will evaluate the online materials that are submitted, and students who choose to be evaluated will be emailed feedback about their presentation and notified if they receive an Outstanding Presentation Award.

(Optional) ACE Talk Application

Students can apply to give one of three featured ACE Talks for the Online Undergraduate Research Symposium.  ACE Talk winners will post a 15-minute video of themselves presenting their research on the Symposium webpage.  Guidelines and details about the ACE Talks ($500 award) can be found on the ACE Talk page.  If you apply to give an ACE Talk and are not selected as one of the winners, you can present along with other students through the regular online format.

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