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Submit an opportunity for a volunteer undergraduate researcher

Fill out the form below to list an undergraduate research opportunity through the Center for Undergraduate Research's online listing.  Our staff will email you when it is posted online.

This is for graduate students working on projects separate from their research advisor's. If a graduate student would like to post an opportunity that is directly tied to their faculty advisor's research, the opportunity should be posted by the faculty member.
Describe the overall goals and purpose of this project. This may include the research question/topic, background, and methods. Be sure to keep this description in language that is accessible to an undergraduate student.
Be as specific as possible so students can understand what types of tasks they might be doing.
List any preferred qualifications or characteristics for students interested in this opportunity. If any of the qualifications are required, be sure to note that in your list, keeping in mind that more requirements here may limit the number of eligible students. Things that you might include in this section: 1). scheduling requirements (time of mandatory weekly meetings, must be available for 3 hour blocks of time, etc.); 2). characteristics (attention to detail, organized, etc.); 3). interests or professional goals (curiosity about your topic, professional interest in your field, etc.); 4). prerequisite courses.
You can leave this blank if you have no preference.
If you do not have a set expectation for hours, you can just put "flexible."
The Center is currently prioritizing opportunities that students could do remotely to comply with recommendations related to COVID-19. We will revisit this as the situation changes.
You can list the location where the research would take place if campus is open for in-person research activities, or you can leave this blank if it will only be a remote research opportunity. For most opportunities on the Lawrence campus, this would just be the name of your building. If you are posting an opportunity at the Med Center or Edwards campus, be sure to note that here.
Describe the time span and duration of the research opportunity. Some examples include: "Students who can commit to at least two semesters of research are preferred."; "This research opportunity is for a three week field experience starting on June 1."; "I am looking for someone who can start volunteering in January for the entire spring semester."; "This is an ongoing research project with the potential for students to work for multiple semesters if desired."
For all jobs we post, we include these directions for students who are interested: "If you are interested in this opportunity, send an email to the research mentor listed above. In the email, you should include: that you learned about the opportunity through the Center for Undergraduate Research's listing, why you are interested in the position, and how you meet the required and/or preferred qualifications. Request to have a meeting with the mentor to see if it might be a good fit." If you have alternative or additional directions you would like us to give students about how to apply for this opportunity, please list them here.

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