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Class Credit for Attendance

The Center for Undergraduate Research would like to encourage students to attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium and hear about the great research that their peers are conducting. We'd like to assist instructors who offer class credit for attending the Symposium by providing documentation of student attendance to instructors.

How it works:

At the beginning of the Symposium, students will get a sheet of paper that they can fill out throughout the day; you can see an example of a past attendance sheet here (pdf). At each of the three sessions that they attend, students will get a stamp. At the end of the day, students will turn in their sheet of paper, where they can list the information of the instructor who is offering course credit.  In the week following the Symposium, the Center will email the instructor the names of students who turned in this sheet. 


Instructors: if you are planning on offering this extra credit to your students, please send us a quick email by Friday, April 6, 2018 to let us know the name of the class and the number of students enrolled so we can get your class information printed on our attendance sheets.


Students: If you will be attending the Symposium for extra credit, please

  • Arrive at the Kansas Union by 1:20 so you have time to find a seat and get your sheet stamped before the opening session starts in Woodruff Auditorium at 1:30 (Session 1). 
  • Bring a photo ID with you--we'll check your ID when you hand in your attendance sheet.
  • Most classes require that you attend all three sessions of the Symposium to get extra credit, so most students should plan on staying until Session 3 gets done at 5:30. 
  • A few classes are offering partial extra credit, depending on how many sessions you can attend.  If you are in one of these classes, just get stamps at the sessions you are able to be at and hand in your sheet--we will let you instructor know which session you attended.
  • Before you leave, hand in your attendance sheet at the information table and we will forward your information to the instructor of your class. 

Just stop by the information table (on the 5th floor of the Kansas Union) at any point during the day if you have questions!

Symposium Quick Links

Register to present at the Symposium

Deadline: 11:59 pm, April 2, 2018

Volunteer Research Opportunities

See below for a listing of volunteer research opportunities available at KU.  Students will need to create an account through to view opportunities.  Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list of all research opportunities on campus, so visit our Getting Started page for other ideas for finding a research opportunity!

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