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Fund Your Research

There are various sources of funding for undergraduate research, but it takes some investigating to find the funding source that fits your project.  However, this also provides a valuable experience for you as a researcher, since applying for funding is part of many researchers' jobs.  Below you will find some starting points for finding funding for your research.  Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list.

Center for Undergraduate Research Funding Sources

  • Undergraduate Research Awards: $1,000 scholarships for students doing research or creative projects.  Offered every semester.
  • Student Travel Awards: Up to $500 scholarships for students travelling to professional conferences to present their research.  Offered every semester, awarded each month.

Other KU Sources to Fund your Research

  • University Honors Program: KU's Honors Program offers several different funding sources, including the Honors Opportunity Awards, which could be used to fund research opportunities or expenses to attend an academic conference to present your research.  Eligibility: member of the University Honors Program.
  • SOTA Student Interdisciplinary Research Grants: Provides grants up to $1,000 for interdisciplinary research projects related to a central theme.  Two award periods per year.  Eligibility: student in the School of the Arts.
  • SOTA Student Travel Fund: Provides from $250- $750 for student travel to professional conferences, performances, or special programs or workshops. Eligibility: student in the School of the Arts.

Research-Intensive KU Programs

These KU programs have a significant research component and may provide scholarships, special programming, and mentoring.

  • Global Scholars: This program provides students with opportunities to develop their interest in global studies; all students complete a research project.  Eligibility: students who are beginning their second year of college, with preference given to students with at least a 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • McNair Scholars Program: The mission of the McNair Scholars Program is to support undergraduate students in their quest to attend graduate school and obtain a doctoral degree.  Eligibility: students that are either from underrepresented minority groups or are first generation college students AND come from low-income backgrounds.
  • Office for Diversity in Science Training: This office offers a variety of programs for students at KU and Haskell Indian Nations University.  KU students may be most interested in the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) program. Eligibility for IMSD: any full-time KU student who is a U.S. citizen or legal resident and interested in pursuing graduate study in a science-related field; special consideration given to underrepresented groups.
  •  K-INBRE: K-INBRE provides research experience, personalized mentoring, and financial support to undergraduate science students who intend to pursue career opportunities in biomedical research. Eligibiilty: U.S. citizens or permanent residents (more about eligibility here).
  • Hall Center Scholars: This program provides opportunities for KU undergraduates who have strong academic credentials and have demonstrated significant activity within KU to interact with well-known authors, scholars, and public intellectuals.

Funding within your Field

Individual KU departments often offer undergraduate research awards, as do regional and national professional organizations within your discipline.  You should talk with faculty members in your discipline and visit your department's and professional organizations' websites to search for opportunities.

External Funding Opportunities

National Awards & Scholarships: This website lists national awards and scholarships, several of which either fund research-intensive opportunities or for which research experience is a factor in granting the awards.  Eligibility: Eligibility depends on the particular award for which you are applying.  Contact the Fellowships office for details.

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