Prepare to Apply

The Center for Undergraduate Research is here to help you prepare a strong UGRA application. See below for some resources and guidelines to help you develop your proposal-writing skills:

UGRA Info Session Recording

Watch the video below for some tips about preparing a strong application for an Undergraduate Research Award.

Student Application Checklist

  1. Read all pages of the UGRA website, and be sure to watch the Info Session video above.
  2. If you're just getting started in research, identify a mentor to guide your project.
  3. Talk with your mentor to discuss proposal ideas and review deadlines.  Make sure your mentor knows that they should expect an email from with a link to the reference form after you complete the online application. Show your mentor the "For Mentors" tab on this website to make sure you are both clear about their role in guiding your project.  If your mentor is not a faculty member, direct them to fill out our Research Mentor Designation form. If you're not sure if your mentor is a faculty member, just ask them.
  4. Write a first draft following the proposal guidelines.
  5. Use the rubric available online to evaluate and revise your proposal: Research Project Rubric (.docx) or Creative Project Rubric (.docx)
  6. Ask your mentor to read the draft and suggest revisions (repeat this process). Be sure to provide a copy of the rubric.
  7. If you have any questions as you revise your proposal, sign up for an individual UGRA consultation. 
  8. Make final revisions.
  9. Submit your application>>: fill out the online application form and upload all supporting documents (your proposal and any portfolio documents, if relevant).
  10. Check with your research mentor to make sure they fill out the mentor reference form.  Your mentor will automatically be sent an email with a link to the reference form from AFTER you submit your application, so be sure to get your application in early so your mentor has plenty of time to fill out the reference.