Share Your Research

A student holding a frog with other students gathered around shining flashlights on it.

The final component of a quality undergraduate research experience is to share the results of your research or creative project.  You've created something worth sharing, so now is your chance to let people in your discipline, across campus, and in the community know what you've discovered!

Oral & Poster Presentations

  • There are a variety of opportunities available for you to present your research
  • Talk with your faculty advisor about opportunities to attend regional and national conferences
  • Look into the Student Travel Awards if you are interested in finding funding to present at a conference.

Some opportunities on KU's campus include:

Artistic Exhibits & Performances

Arts students should look at the above opportunities to present their work in academic settings, but you also might find venues to share your work within your department and the community.  Utilize your professors and fellow students to network and find opportunities to present your work.


Depending on the quality and scope of your research project, your research mentor might recommend that you try publishing your results in a discipline-specific research journal, the same ones where professors themselves publish their research. Students writing an undergraduate thesis should consider submitting their work to KU ScholarWorks.

KU students might be interested in the following publications that are run by other groups or offices: